With a legacy deeply rooted in craftsmanship, Jim Brown embarked on his journey in the construction industry as a third-generation carpenter, commencing full-time work in 1980 with the family business, W.E. Brown and Sons. Nearly two decades of dedicated experience paved the way for Jim's vision, culminating in the establishment of South Coast Builders.

In the autumn of 2002, Jim and his wife Erinne launched their entrepreneurial endeavor from the comfort of their home and a modest rented storage unit in Wells, Maine. While Jim lent his expertise to fieldwork and estimates, Erinne, leveraging her background in finance and sales, orchestrated the day-to-day office operations. Their commitment to delivering quality workmanship and transparent dealings swiftly garnered a reputation that became the cornerstone of their business, sustaining its growth through challenging times and enduring as its guiding principle to this day.

In 2006, South Coast Builders found its permanent residence in Buxton, Maineā€”a strategic location bordering York and Cumberland counties, offering ample space for both office administration and a specialized cabinet shop.

Although Erinne has since transitioned her focus to real estate appraisal pursuits, their daughter Amy assumed the reins of daily office management in 2015. Meanwhile, Jim remains actively engaged in the field, upholding the exacting standards set forth from the company's inception while continually striving for enhanced project outcomes.

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